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Eye Examinations

Eye Examinations

We provide medical eye examinations and routine (yearly) eye examinations.

Medical eye examinations: This involves an assessment of medical conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts as well as potential injuries of the eye, infections etc.

(Please see 'Services' for details we provide.)

Routine (yearly) eye examinations: An assessment for the overall  health of your eyes with respect to any potential medical issues that you might have, known or unknown.

​During either examination, at your request, a glasses prescription can be measured and provided. Routinely, a test will be performed to check for the possibility of glaucoma.


During eye examinations, with few exceptions, your eyes will be dilated with dilating drops. Dilation of the pupils allows for examination of the retina and all of the other structures inside the eye. These drops may cause temporary blurring of vision and sensitivity to bright light. You may expect your eyes to remain dilated for a few hours after the appointment.

Glasses Prescription

In addition to an eye examination we will assess your need for eyeglasses at your request. This is called a refraction.

We will provide you with a written prescription that you may take to any optical shop of your choice to have eyeglasses made.

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